Renqi Biological Service Purpose
Scientific formula, people-oriented

Renqi Biotechnology has carried out a series of cooperation with major universities in China, such as cosmetic formula and biosafety. At the same time, Renqi seeks to carry out a series of scientific research cooperation with well-known universities such as the University of Tasmania in Australia, for plant extracts and marine science internationally, and is committed to developing safe and effective raw materials and formulas. Renqi Biotechnology is located in Guangzhou. It cooperates with many biotechnology companies and cosmetic factories to transform scientific, safe and natural concepts into products, and create R&D, production, brand promotion and comprehensive intelligent technology companies.
Cooperative Brands
Research Outcomes
Independent Brands
Enterprise Service

Renqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides professional enterprise services, including: big data analysis in the cosmetics industry, providing enterprises with clear product positioning and market analysis; rich formula selection and patented raw materials; optimizing the supply chain structure for different product production to help enterprises reduce costs; we can also Help enterprises establish sales networks, improve brand awareness, and obtain high-quality customers.

Biotechnology Research

Renqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has cooperated deeply with many research institutions and universities in China and overseas on the creation of safe and effective formulas, including research on the scientific ratio of plant extracts and marine material extracts. We are constantly exploring, looking for new and effective extracts for maternal and infant products, anti-aging products, sunscreen and skin care products, register with independent patents, and meet diversified customer needs in the field of cosmetics scientific research.

Owned Brands
Renqi Biotechnology deeply understands the importance of brand. In addition to helping small and medium-sized companies incubate new brands, we also set up teams to build independent brands and convert research results into products for the market as soon as possible. At present, our main markets are: maternal and infant care, anti-blue light, anti-aging, moisturizing skin, sunscreen and anti-UV. and a series of subdivisions.
Updated Information
There are hundreds of plant extracts. Different scientific research institutions and laboratories have formulated and proportioned the current mainstream extracts to achieve the most appropriate effect. At present, Renqi Biotechnology focuses on the research of green algae, honey, camellia, snow lotus, oats and other extracts, aiming to create a series of products suitable for sensitive muscles, eliminating skin inflammation, resisting ultraviolet rays, repairing damaged skin and so on.